Friday, March 04, 2011

Schmuck of the day

Stopping at Starbucks to do a little writing before work, I encountered this car in the parking lot:

If you look and listen carefully, you'll notice the dogs trapped inside the car. The alarm would shut off after 15 seconds or so, and then the dogs jumping and barking inside the car would activate it again.

After I took this video, I turned around and walked toward Starbucks. Before I got in the door, I was asked, "Why'd you take a picture of my car for?" It was the owner, of course.

I wanted to say: "Because you're a schmuck who's inconsiderate to animals and humans. You've locked your dogs without any fresh air, and you're subjecting everyone around here to the melodious sound of your car alarm."

Instead, in my most aw-shucks-I-watch-arena-football-and-monster-truck-rallies accent, I said "the dogs kept setting off the alarm. It was funny."

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