Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Long time, no posting

I apologise for the lack of posts. I usually update the Daily Dave in the mornings, but I have been rather groggy for some reason over the past two weeks or so. Instead of heading to Starbucks to sit for an hour and type down random tedious thoughts that, for some reason I still can't comprehend, a handful of people decide to read these excellent musings about life, love, and logorrhea, I have been slapping the snooze button repeatedly. Here is a flowchart that illustrates my typical morning routine:

Here's what happened since my last blog post:
  • Passover started. I can haz bread? No, I can not haz.
  • I started using Twitter again, for no good reason. It is not nearly as fun as I remember, but it's a fairly good social networking complement to Facebook. Now I post my random thoughts about the world on Twitter, and my random thoughts about my life on Twitter. Why? Why not. My Twitter account is here.
  • I taught myself how to make rudimentary flowcharts on Microsoft Visio.

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