Tuesday, April 28, 2009

About music titles, this new post is

I was recently rummaging through some old papers in my nightstand drawer (hello, Mr. Shredder!) and I came across a strip of US Airways comment cards that I had ripped out of one of the airline's magazines several years ago. After looking quizzically at it for a few moments, I suddenly realized what it was: several years ago, on a particularly boring flight, I was listening to Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young" on my iPod and, for no logical reason, I started laughing because I realized that if Yoda had sung the song, the lyric would be "Die young, only the good do."

Britt (who was also listening to his iPod) looked at me, widening his eyes as if to ask why I was laughing. That's when I ripped the cards out of the magazine, wrote down the Yoda lyric, and passed the paper to Britt.

Britt smiled, took out his pen, added "The walrus am I," and returned the page to me.

For the remainder of the flight, Britt and I passed the page back and forth, putting song titles and lyrics through Yoda's famously garbled syntax. Here's the list.
  • Dave: Die young, only the good do
  • Britt: The walrus am I
  • Dave: To the hotel California, you are welcome
  • Britt: Phunk with my heart, do not
  • Dave: Hurts, does everyone
  • Britt: Want me, do you not?
  • Dave: Preach, papa, do not. My baby I will keep
  • Britt: Talk about sex, let us
  • Dave: Bananas, this shit is
  • Britt: To rule the world, everybody wants
  • Dave: A beautiful day, it is. Away, do not let it get
  • Britt: With your best shot: hit me
  • Dave: One more time, hit me, baby
  • Britt: Speak, do not
  • Dave: The oyster, your world is, when one night in Bangkok you spend
  • Britt: On me, take
  • Dave: For the devil, sympathy you must have
  • Britt: To the jungle, welcome
  • Dave: On, my heart must go
  • Britt: Hold your hand, I must
  • Dave: The children, the future are. Believe this I do
  • Britt: My religion, losing I am
  • Dave: On fire, the roof is, the roof is
  • Britt: Let the dogs out, who did?
  • Dave: Of this sweet dreams are made
  • Britt: Walk the line I do
  • Dave: On a jet plane, I am leaving. When back again I will be, I do not know
  • Dave: Something to talk about, let us give them

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Sarah V. said...

That is dang funny. Another reason you two are perfect for each other.