Friday, March 06, 2009

It has been a non-stop whirlwind of birthdays

The Daily Dave Office of Birthday Cake and Candle Procurement has been very busy these days. Congratulations to Doug, Janet, Mary, and Cherie -- and many happy returns.

And I can't forget a special birthday shout-out to Kurt Loft. Kurt and I met in the Tribune newsroom in 1999, and since we've built a relationship on mutual respect, intelligent conversation, a love a classical music1, and smack talk.

In honor of Kurt's birthday, I posted my award-winning2 nature documentary, "In Search of the Elusive Kurtloft," to YouTube. In this short film, I travel halfway around the world to find one of nature's most enigmatic creatures, the greater yellow-crested bespectacled mustachioed kurtloft.

The video was only posted for 24 hours, to coincide with Kurt's birthday. If you haven't seen it, you may be able to find a bootlegged copy on the black market. Or, just ask Kurt. He has the DVD.

Here are some facts3 about me and Kurt:

  • Kurt and I were briefly recruited to serve in the US Government's paranormal research bureau.
  • I wrote the libretto for Kurt's opera, "Ich Trage Ein Kleid, Ich Bin Hübsch."
  • Kurt and I call each other every evening to coordinate our outfits.
  • Kurt and I participated in the Running of the Bulls. Alas, it was not the one in Pamplona. We were trampled by a bunch of basketball players in Chicago.
  • Kurt flings rubber bands at me during the work day. I have recently discovered that he writes a tiny letter on each rubber band. In order, these letters seem to spell out a sentence. So far, they say "All work and no play makes Kurt a dul..."

1 Except for Wagner. Kurt adores Wagner. I think the only good thing even remotely related to Wagner's anti-Semitic brain is that his music is the foundation for the best Bugs Bunny cartoon ever, "What's Opera, Doc?"
2 This is not true. I have won no awards for this documentary.
3 Lies.

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