Friday, February 20, 2009

The mysteries of CVS

Questions raised by last night's visit to the drug store:

  • Why do bars of soap do not contain the word "soap" anywhere on their packaging? I see phrases like "moisture bar" and "beauty bar," but rarely do I see "soap."
  • Why does Old Spice, a brand made famous for selling aftershave with a distinctive scent, rarely use that scent any more in any of its products? Old Spice deodorant with the original scent is a rarity. Old Spice deodorant/antiperspirant with the original scent is harder to find than a yeti or unicorn. Instead, Old Spice sells body washes and hygiene products with scents called "swagger," "pure sport," "showtime," and "aqua reef."
  • Exactly how famous do you have to be before you can have your own fragrance? Apparently, not very famous.
  • Federal law will soon require Hannah Montana's face to be stamped on the packaging for all consumer products. We're in the transitionary period now, so some companies have already adopted the new regulations and the others are preparing to make the switch. This is the only explanation I can think of for the riot of Hannah Montana branding in the store.

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