Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in the Four Questions

Q. What is Dave wearing?

A. Dave is wearing jeans, a blue sweatshirt, and 900 layers of undergarments because it's freezing cold outside.

Q. What kind of mood is Dave in?

A. Dave is quite happy right now.

Q. What are the factors affecting Dave’s mood?

A. Dave survived two doctors' appointments this morning -- both were quick and painless -- and has been working for the past few hours at his local Starbucks. Not blogging, but working. This Four Questions update is just a quick break. He will get back to his project in a moment.

Q. Why is Dave working at Starbucks?

A. First, Dave wants to clarify that Dave is not working for Starbucks. He can barely make a cup of coffee at home -- and he and Britt own one of those foolproof Tassimo machines that does all the work. Dave doesn't need to go into the office today, and instead of working at home all day, he decided to spend some time at the coffeehouse. As a recovering newspaper reporter, he misses noisy environments filled with background sounds, other people's conversations, and random activity. He works very well in these conditions.

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