Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its not me, its you

I spotted this handsome gentleman on the Tyra Banks show on the day before Valentine's Day. He was charming, spoke with a British accent -- not too posh, but not too chav either -- and had the kind of arms that ordinarily would make me want to lick the TV screen. (None of this comes across, however, because it's nearly impossible to take a photo of a TV image with your iPhone, as you can see.)

Despite this man's charms, I find him completely and utterly undesirable. (Or, as I put it more bluntly to Britt: "That guy is unfuckable!") Want to know why? Because he's wearing a T-shirt that broadcasts such a glaring grammatical error to the world. "I'm your's" should be "I'm yours." (Technically, "Take me, I'm yours" is a run-on sentence and should be two sentences, but that kind of usage sadly has become commonplace that this error doesn't seem nearly as egregious as the added apostrophe in "yours.")

If this man is wearing this shirt on television, he's either too stupid to know the basic rules about apostrophes and possessives, or he's so unconcerned about his reputation that he's willing to appear ignorant to Tyra's broadcast audience.

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