Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hamburglar (robble-robble-robble) is the official spokesthief of the Four Questions

Q. What is Dave wearing?

A. Dave is wearing a red In-N-Out polo shirt that Britt purchased for him at the In-N-Out restaurant company store in Las Vegas. (Or was it Baldwin Park, Calif.? Dave should pay more attention to where Britt goes on his mileage runs.) The shirt has attracted plenty of attention and comments. Dr. Bulnes, Dave's dentist's partner1 raved about In-N-Out, prompting a five-minute conversation about where to find good burgers in Tampa2. At Starbucks, a man with hope in his eyes (and hunger on his lips) rushed up to Dave to ask if In-N-Out was opening any restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. The man apparently thought Dave worked for In-N-Out. The man seemed distraught to learn that Dave, in fact, has nothing to do with the In-N-Out organization. Dave attempted to lift his spirits by telling him about some of the items on the In-N-Out secret menu3.

Q. What kind of mood is Dave in?

A. Dave feels a little cloudy right now, but that's probably because it's a little cloudy and rainy right now.

Q. What are the factors affecting Dave’s mood?

A. Dave says you should refer to the previous answer. Why does Dave have to repeat himself?

Q. Does the In-N-Out polo shirt smell or taste like an In-N-Out hamburger?

A. Regrettably, the In-N-Out polo shirt appears to be made from ordinary fabric. Dave has not tasted the shirt because he doesn't have any ketchup handy.

1The we-share-a-dental-practice kind of partner, not the Britt-and-Dave kind.
2Answer: sadly, nowhere.
3Dave recommends the Double-Double burger, prepared animal style.

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