Friday, January 30, 2009

The Four Questions may be recorded for quality and training purposes

Q. What is Dave wearing?

A. Today is Jersey Day at Dave’s workplace, so Dave is pretending to be from Saint Hellier and speaking in a little-known language called Jèrriais. Perhaps he should have just worn his Buccaneers jersey and a pair of jeans.

Q. What kind of mood is Dave in?

A. Dave is a little glum, but looking forward to the weekend.

Q. What are the factors affecting Dave’s mood?

A. Dave points outside the window, where it is cold and dreary. It it not expected to get above 61 degrees today.

Q. What is Dave’s favorite part about going to Starbucks in the morning.

A. Dave enjoys overhearing snippets of other conversations. Right now, he’s listening to other people speculate about the settings of the White House thermostat. “I hear Obama likes it toasty,” one guy said. “Oh, I can totally see that,” another guy agreed. “I saw a picture of him in the Oval Office, and he’s not wearing a suit jacket.”

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