Friday, October 05, 2007

Downtown Tampa Sightseeing Tour

It's still summer here in Tampa, with uncomfortably high humidity levels and temperatures in the 90s.

We Floridians aren't scared by a little heat and moisture, though. What are we going to do -- drive to a meeting five minutes away? Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Actually, I have done that. Don't tell anyone, OK?)

Here are some pictures I took yesterday afternoon as I walked to an interview in downtown Tampa.

100 N. Tampa
The 100 N. Tampa building

The bird
Looks innocent, doesn't it? Well, Tippi Hedren probably thought the first bird she saw in Bodega Bay looked cute too, and we all know how things turned out there, don't we?

Looking down upon work
From 41 stories up, I look down upon all my coworkers.

Get A Plan!
I saw this bus on my way back to the office. While I think it's great to remind people to prepare for hurricanes, I'm not sure I'd feel entirely comfortable riding on a bus with a huge natural disaster painted on the side.

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